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Parents play an integral part to the Association's success. It is expected of the parent or guardian of any participating athlete to review our Association by-laws and Parent / Athlete / Coach [P | A | C] Expectations. The Association has a zero tolerance, three strikes you're out policy when as it relates to parent code of conduct. Parents are encouraged to get involved and participate in a positive manner.


All coaches are volunteers who will put our athletes' well-being in the center of everything we do. It is expected of the coaches to maintain and practice the mission of our Association in order to provide a competitive environment where our athletes can learn and grow. Coaches are expected to foster an environment of trust so our athletes can be challenged, encouraged and supported in a positive and productive manner. 


Our athletes are expected to come ready to practice and compete at their highest level. Positive attitudes, team support and respect for coaches and volunteers are minimum requirements. Every athlete has an equal opportunity for success and is placed on the appropriate team based on their current/evaluated skill levels. It is up to the athlete to work on and off the field to achieve their desired playing level.

**Any Board member, Association Director or coach may seek to suspend or dismiss a player or his/her parent(s) and/or guardian(s) for disruptive behavior or repeated unexcused absences from games or practices. Incidents mentioned in the prior sentence must be documented by date and event and submitted to the Association President and Vice President for review prior to any action being taken.

Any coach, assistant coach, parent, player or any other member(s) of the Association may be removed from the Association at any time as a result of conduct of which is not aligned with the currently stated By-Laws or Association rules and expectations and of which is negatively impacting the reputation or positive experience of the members.

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